The Story of the first Rainbow (Genesis 9)

Everyone was anxious to leave the ark, but Noah waited until God gave the word. God told them when to enter, and God would tell them when to leave. When the time was right, God spoke to Noah and told him to go forth out of the ark with his family and all the animals. What do you think would be the first thing Noah would do when he and his family stepped on dry ground? Noah was really thankful that he and his family and the animals in the ark were saved from the great flood, and the first thing he did outside the ark was to build an altar of sacrifice to God. It was an act of worship, and I believe it was also a sign that God would one day sacrifice his own Son to take away the sins of the world. God was pleased with Noah’s act of worship, and he promised to never again destroy all of mankind with a great flood. God said, “While the earth remains seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Then God did something very wonderful and beautiful. He put a rainbow in the sky and told Noah and his sons that whenever they saw a rainbow it would remind them of his promise to never again destroy the world with a flood. Have you ever seen a beautiful rainbow? The next time we see one, let us remember that God loves us very much and that God always keeps his promises.

Questions for Kids that Like a Challenge

  • Look them up Questions:

  • He waited until God told them it was time to leave.
    He built an altar of sacrifice to God.
    He would never again destroy all of mankind with a great flood.
    He put a rainbow in the sky.

    • Think About it Question:

      Does God always keep his promises?Can you think of one of God’s special promises?

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